I can present any of our courses and workshops to your team in private sessions. Since each situation is different in terms of scope and scheduling, I need to get specific information to provide you with a proposal.

My preferred mode of training is live virtual, but I still conduct live in-person classes at companies on an occassio0nal basis.

To get the process started, just visit the Contact Us page on the site and let me know you are interested in in-house training. I will then contact you by phone or e-mail to find out more about your needs. Or, you can call my office at 405-691-8075 to speak with someone personally right away. I may even be the one who answers the phone. 

I can customize any of my training offerings to meet your needs!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Your Rates?

A: The cost depends on several factors, such as: Who will be the trainer? Where will the training be held? How many people will be trained? What is the mode of training (live virtual or in-person classroom).

The cost consists of three components: The daily training fee, courseware, and travel expenses 

So, to really find out the cost, contact us and we will be happy to create a short, simple estimate for you. 

Q: Why Should I Contract for Training Through RCS? 

A: There are several reasons I believe we give you the best value for your training money. 

Experience - I have over 45 years experience building and testing systems with over 35 of those years in full-time QA and test experience. I have been in the trenches of software development and testing so I understand the real-world issues. 

Skills - I work at being a skilled communicator and finding ways to convey technical information in such a way that people at all levels can understand the concepts. I have devoted much time to study how adults learn and how to relate to people at all levels.

Innovation - One of the major activities at RCS is research in new software development and testing innovations. We bring that research into training courses to deliver cutting-edge topics that few other training vendors offer. 

Care - All of the above reasons are very important, but I care about the effectiveness of the training I present. I care about how we treat you and will give the utmost attention to your needs. 

Results - Let's face it, you expect tangible results from the training effort. I have a long list of satisfied training clients from around the world. Many of those clients will tell you that the training they received enabled them to do their jobs more effectively. 

Q: How Do I Schedule an In-house Training Session? 

A: We have tried to make it as easy as possible. Just send me an e-mail describing your needs and we will respond with a brief proposal of costs and available dates.