ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst e-Learning Course - 5 Person License

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This fully accredited e-learning course follows on from the ISTQB Foundation Level Course and leads to the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certification.This is a 5-person license and includes five electronic exam vouchers.
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This e-learning course follows on from the ISTQB Foundation Level Course and leads to the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certification. It contains the identical slides and notes as in the live course. This is a 5-person license and includes 5 electronic exam vouchers.

This software testing training course is dedicated to test analyst issues such as producing test documentation in relation to domain testing; choosing and applying appropriate specification, defect and experienced-based test design techniques. Scenario based exercises of various situations and topics are covered in order to present practical solutions.

You will be given exercises, practice exams and learning aids to help you attain the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst qualification. Includes five electronic exam vouchers for the Advanced Test Analyst exam at a Kryterion Testing Center.

Course Objectives:
To provide an understanding of test analysis, design and implementation that goes beyond the ISTQB Foundation level. It provides a portfolio of methods for designing tests for a variety software types within any type of software application.Emphasis will be made on domain testing. Spreadsheets, templates and utilities will be provided to help students to devise tests that are both effective and efficient, giving best value for the testing being done in the time that is given.

Who Will Benefit:
This course is appropriate for testers, developers, business analysts, quality assurance, domain testers, users and anyone wishing to gain the ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Qualification.

Participants wishing to take the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certificate must hold the ISTQB Foundation certificate. If you wish to sit the course without taking the exam, there are no prerequisites. There is also an experience recommendation of 3 years verifiable full-time experience in software or systems testing, development, quality assurance, engineering or a related field.

Skills Gained:
  • Ability to evaluate requirements to determine domain validity
  • Identify and choose appropriate software test design techniques for different applications
  • Understand the differences between test conditions, test cases, test procedures and test scripts and identify when to produce them or not.
  • Produce good quality test design specifications using the most effective test design techniques
  • Apply suitable techniques to test quality characteristics such as performance, reliability, accessibility and usability.

About the Materials:
The materials for this course are developed by and licensed from Grove Consultants (UK). Materials are accredited by the UK Testing Board in alignment with the 2012 Advanced Test Analyst Syllabus.

About the Instructor:
The instructor for this course is Randall Rice, CTAL, holder of all five ISTQB advanced level certifications.

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